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Gowri Shankar’s Path to a Brighter Future

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Gowri Shankar, a student in his third year of a bachelor’s degree at Gobi Government College, hails from Ambedkar Nagar in Erode district. With both parents working as daily wage laborers, the family’s income was insufficient to meet their needs. Supporting his education led to a significant financial strain, pushing the family into debt and hardship.

In these challenging circumstances, READ organization extended a helping hand. They provided financial assistance that allowed Gowri Shankar to enroll in a driving class and continue his studies. This support not only alleviated the family’s financial burden but also opened up new opportunities for Gowri Shankar’s future.

Gowri Shankar expresses his heartfelt gratitude to READ organization for their crucial support, which has helped him regain hope and continue his educational journey.