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I am Revathi. I live in Erode District, Gopi Taluk. Our village always looks greenish. There are many caste people living here. There are 250 above Arunthathiyar families living here. There are 500 people. People above 40 years, working as farmers. People below 40 years mostly go for Mill works. Mill sends busses to our village. Transport facilities are very low. Because of this for treatments and shops, we are going across 7 km.

We are four members in my family. I have one brother. I am studying 12th standard and my brother studying 5th standard. My father was going farming works. In this situation my father got knee pain. When we communicated with the doctor, he told my father need to undergo a surgery and after surgery he cannot go for work. I stopped my studies and went to garments company. I worked as a helper in company, so I got minimal wages only. In this situation I got cysts in my body. When I went to hospital, doctor said due to high amou

nt of heat in my body and company atmosphere affected me and they also told me not work in in company.

After that I didn’t go for work. In this situation READ started a work in our village. I am also a part of Adolescent Girl Group. I told my problems in that group. Later I got Rs.25, 000 from READ organization through Adolescent Girl Group. I bought a cow for that money.

Due to many farms in our village, I got my cows feed in those lands. From my home, I am taking care of those cattle. Weekly once I got Rs.1000 through society. Being a member of society I got many government privileges. Our family conditions were improved little.

Our life has changed after getting Revival loan from READ. Now we are feeling better and our life is running smoothly