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Veeramani’s Transformation Through Tailoring Skills

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Veeramani, a 23-year-old from Pallathotta Colony in Erode district, faced significant financial challenges while raising her 3-year-old son. Her husband, working as a sanitary worker, could not earn enough to support their family. The limited income pushed them into a state of poverty and misery.

Amidst these struggles, READ organization, which actively supports residents of Pallathotta Colony, extended a helping hand to Veeramani. They provided financial assistance for her to enroll in a tailoring course. With the skills she acquired through this training, Veeramani has been able to start earning an income from tailoring, significantly improving her family’s financial situation.

Veeramani expresses her deep gratitude to READ organization for their support, which enabled her to gain new skills and provide for her family.