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Building Resilience through Psychosocial Care and Life Skill Education

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Our children live under many abnormal conditions in the family, society and schools which leave the child as a poorly socialized person or excluded from the society. As a result the child do not learn values, customs, attitudes and behaviours and develop unaccepted behaviour that further isolates them from the society. The child also faces discrimination, stigmatization etc., our psychosocial interventions are structured activities designed to move these children forward with their social development and to strengthen protective factors.

With the training support of NIMHANS we have established strong psycho social care support for children in all our activity centres. Many children have been witness to traumatic events in their life and require care and support to live healthy and normal lives. NIMHANS has trained out staff to use child friendly methods to help children cope and resolve past situations. We use thematic story cards, use play and drawing to help children express their feelings.

Our psychosocial care intervention turned out to be a great breakthrough for many children in our community. Many children in the community have now got back to their normal life and have mastered over their emotional distress.Resiliance Building (2)

We also provide life skills training to children better handle relationships, stress, emotion and develop strong critical and creative thinking and better problem solving and decision making skills.