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70 Child Activity Centres – Space for Learning and Development

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Most Marginalized Communities children are often brought up by grandparents or other relatives while their parents migrate to the city for work. The families usually stop the children from school and put send them to work. Many times children are even used as bonded labourers to pay off the debts of the family. Girl children are often married off at a young age to save expenses within the family. READ strives to protect Most Marginalized Communities children from exploitation and child labour and ensure their rights to education and freedom to pursue a vocation of their choice. This is done throughout Child Activity Centres. We have 40 Child Activity Centers functioning in the villages Erode District.

It is a place for them to learn, play and have fun. The teachers of out centres are specially trained and are highly sensitive to the rights of the children. Innovative teaching materials are used in order to promote interactive learning which also empowers them.

The aims of Child Activity Centres

  • To provide value based education that helps to assess their own situation and develop their personality.
  • To monitor each and every child’s status on the village through Community Supporting Groups (CSGs).
  • To discover school dropout children and child labourers and send them back to school.
  • To provide bridge education for the children who are rescued from bonded labour system and ensure they are a part of mainstream school.
  • To train the children on effective communication and computer skills that help them to compete in today’s job marker.
  • To provide career guidance and counseling that promote awareness about importance of education to the parents and the community as a whole.