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Maheshwari’s Journey to Self-Sufficiency

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At 27 years old, Maheshwari from Erode district faced significant family and financial challenges. With her father chronically ill and her mother working as a sanitary worker, the family struggled to make ends meet. Despite completing her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Maheshwari had to stay home to care for her father, leaving the family reliant on her mother’s modest income. The burden of debt further exacerbated their daily survival.

Driven by a dream to start a home-based business to support her family, Maheshwari faced initial setbacks due to a lack of funds. However, her fortunes changed when READ organization, through their Boys Youngster Group, provided her with a sewing machine. This invaluable support enabled Maheshwari to start a tailoring business from home. Now, she earns approximately ₹8,000 per month, significantly contributing to her family’s welfare.

Maheshwari expresses her heartfelt gratitude to READ organization for their pivotal support, which transformed her dream into reality and provided a sustainable source of income for her family.